Wells Fargo - Balance sheet summary

Wells Fargo - Cash on Hand

cash on hand as of December 2022: $159.15 B

ℹ️ cash on hand
The "cash on hand" on the balance sheet of a bank refers to the cash/cash equivalents (CCE) and short-term investments that a bank has in its possession. Unlike long-term investments, a bank's cash on hand can quickly be accessed and used to serve customer withdrawal requests.

Wells Fargo - Net assets

net assets as of March 2024: $182.67 B

ℹ️ net assets
A banks net assets is the sum of its assets (cash, investments, properties) minus the sum of its liabilities (debt, customer deposits and other obligations).

Wells Fargo - Total assets

total assets as of March 2024: $1.959 T

ℹ️ total assets
A banks total assets is the sum of all its current and non-current assets, such as deposits, cash and cash equivalents and properties.

Wells Fargo - Total liabilities

total liabilities as of March 2024: $1.776 T

ℹ️ total liabilities
A banks total liabilities is the sum of all current and non-current debts and obligations.

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